Hi, I’m Shawon Ahmed

Simple and Beautiful Bangladesh. You know our neighboring countries are India and Myanmar.


Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia & that’s where I am from. I am the only child of my parents. I have two sisters. Like other families, we also had problems in our family. Right now, Everything has gone just fine Alhamdulillah, I am living a wonderful life and in the future, I will have a wonderful life with my family.


I had a lot of friends in my school life. Those were the days very awesome. If I was given a chance. I would want back those are the day. I was playing football, and cricket without a bit of worry all day. But I liked doing long runs—good old days.


I was entrepreneurial from my school days. At first, I had a palm business, as I remember. I used to collect dates in the morning and go to school and sell them to my friends. I used to pay for my education with this money. There’s a saying – Where there is the will, there is the way.

About Shawon Ahmed Childhood


I am studying in BSS from National University. As well as I am also working as a freelance “Digital Marketer” on a marketplace and out of the marketplace.
Getting $5 for every 500 leads collected was a dream. And then I slowly got into SEO – search engine optimization. A branch of digital marketing “SEO.
I started working as an SEO expert “Digital Marketer” and things got a little better from the $1/500 leads days.

Basic Skill

I started my career as a freelancer in MS Word and Excel back in 2016 as well as studying. After that, I continued to acquire skill one after another.

Shawon Ahmed MS Word
MS Word
Shawon Ahmed Photoshop
Shawon Ahmed Video Editing
Video Editing
SEO expert Ahmed

Thanks for reading this. You are awesome.

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